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  • Residential Locks

    For all your residential locking services, call All Hours Locksmith. We are happy to unlock your door, make you a new key, or perform any of our other services.

  • commercial building unlock

    Commercial Locks

    Need a master key system? How about key extraction? Learn more about our commercial locking services and call us today if you find yourself in need of any!

  • Auto Locks

    If you lock yourself out of your car or need lock cylinder service, call All Hours Locksmith. We work with many types of automobiles and are happy to help you!

All Hours Locksmith makes it our goal, each and every day, to make sure you can get into

your residence, office, or automobile. That's why we offer consistent 24-hour service, and,

as an added bonus, we'll even give you a free estimate as to how much the work is going

to cost before we even do the work. That way, you have full knowledge beforehand and

have the chance to make an educated decision. We are reasonably priced, reliable and

honest— the price we quote you is the price the service will remain.

Not only do we make sure our customers are treated well and fairly, but we also

stand behind our work. When you work with us, you're guaranteed exemplary locking

or unlocking services. Don't worry about not being in our service area— we've traveled all

over, day and night, to bring locksmith services to those in need. Our motto is "In, Out, and

Gone". We fix your lock or key problem swiftly and efficiently, and we go away, but we never

forget about you. If you need us again the very next day, we'll be there.

If you find yourself in need of locksmith services and you're in Lancaster PA, Berks PA, York PA,

Dauphin PA, or Lebanon PA (or just anywhere in trouble!), call us at (717) 989-6170.

We won't hesitate to come save the day or night.

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